Nature's Echo is developing a limited number of off-grid cabins on our expansive property in the Cowichan Valley. Read more >>

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Nature's Echo Farm - Located in Duncan, BC
Striving for Organic Excellence
Farm Products in the Cowichan Valley
We wanted people visiting our web site to know a little about us just as if they were driving past our farm. So our name was really important to us. It had to make a statement.

At Nature's Echo, our greatest goal will be for us to provide 100% natural products.

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Farm Fresh
Family Food Survey
Free Run Roasting Chickens and Duck
Our freezer is full of free run roasting chickens available at $4 lb. Also duck at $6 lb.
Spring is here!
We have many herbs and fresh produce that will be available soon from our greenhouse.
Off-Grid Cabin Opportunity
Natures Echo is planning to sell parts of our property and build off-grid cabins. Click the Off-grid Cabins link on the right to find out more about this opportunity.