Nature's Echo is developing a limited number of off-grid cabins on our expansive property in the Cowichan Valley. Read more >>

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Nature's Echo Farm - Located in Duncan, BC
Striving for Organic Excellence
Farm Products in the Cowichan Valley

About Nature's Echo Farm

Nature's Echo is a family-run farm, just
south of Duncan on Vancouver Island

“You are what you eat.”

We are a family run business that has its roots on Vancouver Island. We have found that we wanted a better life for ourselves and our children but found it increasingly difficult to be informed about what really goes into our foods.

We are also strongly principled environmentally. We are striving for energy independence as well and currently developing products, processes and technologies that will see us achieve our goal of being off the grid and using a green form of transportation. We have successfully constructed a Platinum LEED qualified facility* and are currently working out the logistics of a used cooking oil power plant to power an all-year set of greenhouses.

* - For more information about the LEED program, please visit the Canadian Green Building Council website